Cassandra Hines is the Founder/Artistic Director of the African based Bahdae Dance Company in Fort Worth, Texas. She began training in this art form over two decades ago by taking community classes in Milwaukee with Ko­-Thi Dance Company, under the direction of Ms. Ferne Bronson and Phalesia Pinder-Fearen. She auditioned for the company in 2003, became an apprentice, and soon moved into the role of junior company member. As a company member, she performed in several dance pieces, including the crowd pleasing "Juba" in DanceAfrica Chicago, and "Hottentot Venus" during Ko-thi's home season.

After leaving Milwaukee and settling in Dallas, Cassandra continued training in dance forms of the African diaspora by studying in California, New York, Florida, and West Africa, to name a few. Cassandra remains deeply involved in this craft by working with students in elementary school settings, teaching adult dance classes, choreographing for college programs and working with her youth and adult company. She brings her own unique style into her programs.

Cassandra has worked with master dance teachers Mouminatou Camara (Les Ballet Africains), senior company members of Ko-Thi Dance Company, Moustapha Bangoura (Le Bagatae), and many others to help hone her skills.

Cassandra was a long-standing member of Bandan Koro Drum and Dance Ensemble, serving as lead dancer, choreographer, community class instructor, and briefly, the associate artistic director for their youth ensemble. As a member of the adult company, she fully choreographed two dance pieces: Sofa-A warrior/ hunting dance, and Balanta- A dance of resistance of the Balanta people of Guinea-Bissau. Both works have been featured in Chuck Davis’ DanceAfrica Dallas. In 2018, Cassandra was invited to choreograph 3 original dance works for the State University of New York at Brockport and has been a visiting artist at the University of Texas-Dallas, since 2017.

Cassandra credits her love for African dance to DeAngelo Boston of Ko-Thi Dance Company for his unwavering role in her dance process. As someone who is truly passionate about this art form, her focus is to educate and engage our communities, especially our youth, with stories untold of our magnificent history and inspire others to keep traditional customs of the diaspora alive.

There's a dancer in us all!

Cassandra holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas Woman’s University.