The mission of Bahdae Dance is to sustain and promote the magnificent culture of the African diaspora through educational outreach. We are committed to working with schools and community organizations to develop and diversify programs by connecting our passion for the arts to your objective.

We are grateful to Ko-Thi dance company of Milwaukee, and Moustapha Bangoura of Guinea, for planting the seed for us to grow.

We are a performing arts company committed to respecting and preserving history and culture of the disapora. As we learn, so shall the youth.

Bahdae translates to the word ocean in the Susu language of Guinea. The name Bahdae Dance is dedicated to our ancestors who crossed the Atlantic Ocean amid the trans-Atlantic slave trade. The word Bahdae also symbolizes power and strength of the ocean, and its depth. Bahdae pays homage to the Mother Goddess of the ocean, Yemoja/Yemeya/Yemanja. We recognize the ocean as a source of healing and a source of pain.